Meet the WOR Team


  About John Gaul:
John has always had a passion for the outdoors.  His  overland journey started in in 2015 when he purchased his first 4x4 SUV.  John has ventured trails all over California, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado.  He loves sharing his knowledge and always eager to learn more.  Being a first responder for 29 years, John brings a wealth of knowledge in Tactical Emergency Casualty Care.  John started WEEKEND OFFROAD to help those new to overlanding and give them a safe place to learn and most of all, meet like minded people.  



About Olaf Kilthau:
His interest in outdoors started as a child with the first book that his father gave him, U.S. Army Survival Manual.  His father taught him to respect nature, survive in the outdoors, as well as disaster preparedness.  Olaf went on to study Tae-Kwon-Do, Judo and Hap-Ki-Do and then later trained in various other martial arts.  He taught self defense classes while in college and later joined the US Army Airborne Infantry where he spent 9 years. 
He has been in Real Estate for over 25 years and his passion for outdoors crossed with his real estate business when he invested in a 320 acre piece of land and turned it into an off road event venue, called AreaBFE.  The venue was open to the public for free and had a multitude of events over the 10 years that he owned and managed it.  Olaf has been a backcountry mountain guide, taught 4-wheel drive courses, guided groups on 4-wheel drive trips such as JK Experience, and taught courses in home and business disaster preparedness, as well as personal security. 

About Paola Kilthau:
Coming from Colombia, Paola has always enjoyed connecting with and exploring nature.  This connection sparked her need for adventure.
Her passion for off-road and safety started in 2010 and are complimented by her interests in hiking, camping, shooting, racing, nature photography, and just being in the great outdoors.  She has participated in events such as the JK Experience(multi-day multi-state offroad event), Baja 400, 500, 1000, Vegas to Reno, and The Mint 400, in the following capacities: as a participant, trail guide, chase crew member, and as part of the BFGoodrich Tire communication relay.  She is also a member of Artemis Defense Institute where she has completed training in defensive handgun, rifle, and tactical emergency casualty care.  Paola and her husband, Olaf, love to meet people and create memories along with them.  You can usually find Paola on the trail or showing houses to their clients.